Saturday, April 30, 2011


Situated at one of the most popular and central node in Vienna,  the 'Karlsplatz' is one of Vienna's  important tourist destinations -  the Karlskirche. Dating back to 1715, the Karlskirche or St Charles Church in Vienna is unique and one of the most visually stunning churches in Vienna. The Karlskirche combines different architectural styles ranging from Roman, Greek and Oriental. The church was built by Emperor Charles VI to ward of plagues and is dedicated to St Charles Borromeo. The great columns of the building which are an imitation of Roman architecture with the baroque dome on the top make this a most interesting church that has not been replicated anywhere.
The church has a park like setting facing a pool of water which is also a favourite place for people to relax.

This grand church is close to the Karlsplatz Metro station and is surrounded by gardens. Visitors can take a tour of the interiors of the church for a fee .  Be sure to take the escalator to go up to the roof.
August 2010


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