Monday, October 4, 2010


If you are in London and in search for great seafood - head for Belgo at Earlham Street near the Covent Gardens. Belgo is a very unusual restaurant. The main entrance leads to a waiting bar area where you can start off with a glass of beer before you are seated at your table. The main restaurant is in the basement to which you descend in a cage like lift.
View of the Restaurant
The ambiance and look of the restaurant is very different from most places. A bit noisy with tables and benches for seating. Remember to book your table in advance or you may land up waiting for over 30 minutes. Lots of steel visible with no false ceiling. When you think Belgian Food , what does come to mind is seafood and in particular mussels. There is a wide variety of seafood available at the Belgo, however what you must order is a steaming pot of Mussels accompanied by a bowl of freshly made crisp fries with creamy mayonnaise. And of course the Beer without which Belgian food is incomplete.
The Kitchen
The area around the Belgo at Covent Gardens is a very lively and and fun place. There are numerous pubs and other entertainment activities which includes plays and musicals over here.
In front of a theatre showing Chicago
While you are in the area, be sure to spend some time at the covent gardens which is a very unique and interesting place. Lots of street performers, places to eat and shopping.
The surroundings
To find out more about the restaurant click on the following to go to the official site of Belgo   



  1. Belgian food is always good. The beer is even better.

  2. Hello,
    According to me the true beauty of belgian food is its sublime simplicity.basically the ingredients that are used for the recipes at Belgo are typical of those used in traditional Belgian dishes such as carbonade.

  3. I'll have to remember this for next time. The last time I was in London, I didn't have a memorable meal the whole week I was there. Thanks for the post!

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