Saturday, September 17, 2011

Union Station in Washington DC

There is more to Washington DC than the US Senate and the White House. The best way to see Washington is to take a bus tour. There are three major bus tour companies operating - Tourmobile, Open Top Sightseeing and Old Town Trolley. We took the tour mobile from the Union Station.  The  Union Station is the city’s main train station with over 32 million people visiting the station in a year. The station has an interesting shopping area and a large food court for a quick bite. 
                The Union Station in Washington DC
Food Court at the Union Station
Christopher Columbus Memorial
In front of the Union Station is the Christopher Columbus Memorial . The memorial is a large fountain with carvings of a native American, an elderly European, the figure of "Discovery" on the prow of a ship, and a globe. The three flagpoles represent the ships that carried the Columbus discovery party to the New World. Atop each pole an eagle perches on a small sphere .

You will also see a large metallic bell fixed on a stand in front of the station. This is the Freedom Bell donated by the American Legion. The bell is nearly twice the size of the real Liberty Bell
Utsav in front of the Freedom Bell. Note the Union Station in the background.
Washington DC. June 2011


  1. Your photos are wonderful. I, too, love to travel and document where I am. My journal is - I feel like we are both doing the same thing but on opposite sides of the world. We are discovering cultures unlike our own and it has been an experience - a truly good one - to say the least. I am in my last week in Switzerland after being here for 3 months. Will be headed back to Florida, USA next week. Love your photos!

  2. Thanks Lola for visiting. Glad you like my photos. Do visit again.



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