Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Bandhavgarh National Park

One of the best places in India to see tigers in the wild is the Bandhavgarh National Park. This was declared a national park in 1968 and has an area of 105 sq kms. Reaching the park is easy – it is a four-hour drive from Jabalpur, which is the nearest point if you are arriving by air.
Tiger Emerging from the Forest
The park is open from mid October to mid June. Safaris need to be booked in advance either directly or through the hotel one is staying in – and there are plenty of resorts and hotels around Bandhavgarh to take care of everything. Limited numbers of vehicles are allowed into the park at fixed times and fixed routes – 6.00 to 10.30 in the morning and 2.30 to 5.30 in the evening. You cannot get out of the jeep once in the park.

The Tigress of Rajbehera on the move
The park is most famous for it’s tigers, which very often can be very elusive. We were lucky to have 2 sightings of the majestic animals. Other animals in plenty are the Sāmbhar deer, spotted deer, langurs and baboons. Leopards too can be seen at times. The park has a variety of birds that can be spotted. When we visited in November, it was lush green with some great scenery and landscapes. Sunrise in the morning is a treat to watch.
In the park is the famous 10th century Bandhavgarh fort on a hilltop. Visitors are not allowed there but one can go to the man made caves lower on the hill. There is also a historic 10th century statue of Lord Vishnu, which should not be missed.

If you love wildlife and are fond of nature, then a visit here is a must. Remember to book in advance and to go for at least 4 safaris to ensure a tiger sighting

Tigress on the dam crossing over

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  1. Bandhavgarh national park sounds great, I would love to visit there, and your photos were excellent keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you Aaron for visiting and your comments. Yes, Bandhavgarh is a wonderful place to visit

  2. You were so lucky to see and get such great photos of the Tiger, when I went to a Tiger reserve some years ago we didnt see any sign at all of the majestic beasts. It was a different park I think, near Jaipur. The name started with S but sorry just cant recall the name now.

  3. wow your blog is wonderful,and yes india is a big country and has lots and lots beauties of nature to explore keep up the great job

  4. Your blog is wonderful.....


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